About CES


The mission of CES is to be an advocate for students through personalized and expertly guided college planning and financial aid strategies. CES addresses each student’s strengths, talents, and innate gifts, in order to compile the best representation of the student. CES leverages the best of what the individual embodies and develops a student profile, which includes academic and co-curricular achievements as well as personal and community experiences. Therefore, the student’s whole self is available to colleges. CES cultivates inspiration and motivation through individual face-to-face meetings, assisting students to successfully navigate the maze of higher education and financial aid opportunities.

Vision: To empower students of all ages to reach for their highest potential and success.

Values: CES creates value by

  • The Optimal Commitment and Sincere Dedication to Students and Parents
  • Demonstrating Responsibility and Reliability in All CES does
  • Operating with Optimism, Integrity, and Respect
  • Promoting Accountability, Discipline, Creativity, and Originality
  • Cultivating a Spirit of Inspiration and Motivation